Week of the Young Child 2015


Celebrating Our Youngest Learners: Explore Your Child’s Learning Style

The 5th annual Week of the Young Child (WoYC) will be observed from April 18th to April 25th, 2015.   This week recognizes the importance of early childhood years from birth through age six.  Its purpose is to focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the early childhood programs and services that meet those needs. The earliest years of a child’s life lay the foundation for success in school and future development.

Week of the Young Child Slideshow

This year’s theme is Celebrating Our Youngest Learners: Explore Your Child’s Learning Style.  All children learn differently and develop at their own rate. The ability to understand how a child processes information can help redefine academic, social and emotional expectations and how parents view their child as a learner. Research demonstrates that providing children with multiple ways to access content and demonstrate knowledge, leads to more meaningful learning experiences. By exploring the various multiple intelligences, parents and caregivers can provide the platform for children to learn and excel in different ways that would be most suited for their unique personalities.

Please join AKEB and our WoYC Partners – AKHB, AKYSB, AKSWB, and ITREB all week long for the following Early Childhood Development (ECD) activities:

Raising Lifelong Learners (AKEB WEBINAR)

Learning is not only a matter of absorbing information, but also a process of developing many other internal skills, like curiosity, perseverance, and the ability to tackle tough challenges. But how do we develop the quest for lifelong learning in young children -–the internal drive that propels them to embrace the practice of learning throughout a lifetime? Join Faizel Rawji, Principal of Senator Reid Elementary School, for an interactive webinar to learn more about the importance of lifelong learning in today’s fast-changing world.

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How Children Can Learn the Power of Reflection (AKYSB WEBINAR)

In a world where there are ever-increasing priorities competing for our attention, our ability to pause, reflect and live in the moment are put to test.  With these increasing pressures on our time continuous thought and reflection are critical so we don’t lose sight of what is truly important to us.  Based on research, the habit to reflect can heighten self-awareness, and can build self-esteem and resilience among youth and adults alike. Together, let’s explore some practical ways to build in opportunities to reflect amidst the chaos of our lives and to ensure that children have reflective role models in us.

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What’s A Kid To Eat? (AKHB WEBINAR)

With the hubbub of daily life, it is easy to forget just how important our kids’ nutrition is! This webinar revisits the core food groups that a child’s diet should center on as we discuss nutritional needs during infancy and childhood.

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The Well Balanced Child: Building Emotional Intelligence                                 (AKSWB WEBINAR)

Intellectual ability (IQ) is one aspect of intelligence, which usually gets a great deal of attention.  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is an equally important aspect in the development process and can be incorporated from birth!  Emotional intelligence is critical for healthy relationships, academic success, physical health and mental health.  This session will cover what emotional intelligence entails, how it impacts our lives, and review ways to help young children recognize, label, understand, express, and manage emotions.

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Teaching and Instilling Ethics: Helping Our Children Live with Integrity                   (ITREB WEBINAR)

Dr. Bashir Jiwani is an Ethicist by profession and will talk about how to develop core values that are an integral part of a child’s ability to deal with life’s daily challenges and achieve balance in all areas of their life.

Sunday April 26th, 12:00pm EST: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7218839558929080833

Fun WoYC Activities!

This year’s activities will be presented for children Birth-6 during WoYC. These developmentally appropriate activities will be based on the various multiple intelligences.

Check with your local ECDC Principal for special programming for WoYC.

For more information about WoYC or the ECD initiative please send an email to AKEB.ECD@gmail.com, check out AKEB’s ECDC Facebook page or visit your local ECDC Resource Desk.